Get your reading eyes adjusted, because the third collection of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park has arrived!
I went to the good people at Pinball Publishing to pick them up Thursday. Book 3 contains 32 pages of pure comic genius printed with soy based ink on recycled paper. Plus it has a very nifty chipboard cover that doubles nicely as a beer coaster. You get all the joy of reading Falling Rock on newsprint or your computer screen, plus a beer coaster. It’s a win-win. All for $4.

And I was so happy with the result I had to take a bunch of pictures.

Soon you’ll be able to order your very own copy of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park. I’ll be setting up a Paypal order form on my website. For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll also be tabling at Stumptown Comics Fest on April 18-19. If you can’t stand the wait, just email me and I’ll ship one out post-haste.

Hurray for comics in print!

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. Alec Longstreth says:

    Congratulations Josh, they look beautiful! That’s always my favorite feeling – picking up a new comic from the printer. 🙂 I can’t wait to buy one at Stumptown! See you in a few weeks!!!

  2. Kid Shay says:

    Thanks Alec! They will be the centerpiece of my table.

    This whole self-publishing thing is addictive.

  3. aquaricris says:


    i can visualize you at a comics fest, and what comes to my mind is lovely…

    i wish we lived closer…