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Bill Watterson in Pearls Before Swine

Yet another hint that our dear friend Bill Watterson might be planning some kind of return. In what is possibly an homage to my April Fools Day Falling Rock strips, Bill ghost-drew a few panels in Pearls Before Swine. Read Stephan Pastis’ full story here. The behind-the-scenes story is almost as good as the finished product.

watterson pastis 1

watterson pastis 2

watterson pastis 3

The best part about this is these strips will be sold at Heroes Con with proceeds going to charity. If only I had a couple grand to spare, I’d snap these up.

Let me use this space to cordially invite Mr. Watterson to San Diego ComicCon next month. Mr. Watterson: no one will recognize you, unless you look exactly like that 30 year old photo, so you won’t be mobbed. San Diego has some very nice bike paths, so you can get some rides in while you’re there. And if you stop by my table (Small Press K-05) I will give you free comics and a beer (or whiskey if that’s your drink).

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