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big plans #5

My friend Aron makes comics.  He makes funny, wry, beautifully drawn comics.  His self-published series Big Plans is about to reach its fifth issue, but he needs your help.  If you’ve got an extra 15 bucks lying around (or 5 or 500), head on over to his Kickstarter page and help fund Big Plans #5.

When I first moved to Portland I had heard this was a cartoonists’ town but I was still surprised at the depth and breadth of talent.  Aron was one of the first cartoonists I met here; he generously traded the Xeric-awarded Big Plans #1 for one of my own meager offerings.  I was quickly and irrevocably drawn in (har) by his sharp dialog and tight, expressive artwork.  It almost didn’t come as a surprise that he has a background in animation.  After buzzing through the first issue I set out to Powells to obtain further sustenance.

Aron writes about his life, sometimes drawing himself and others substituting a wolfman alter-ego.  Each issue is a collection of stories, usually one main tale (like his trip to the Academy Awards) and several one- or two-pagers.  Big Plans #5 will continue this trend I’m sure, but the difference is the size: it will be over 100 pages long with a full-color cover.  This promises to take Big Plans out of the realm of mini-comics and launch it into the hallowed ground of books with spines.

Won’t you help Aron meet his dream?  A small contribution will make a big difference.  Get over to Kickstarter and spend some dough.

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