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Babe of the Month

Falling Rock National Park Presents: Babe of the Month!
The Babe of the Month is Pam.
Pam is a javelina; she likes reading, writing, solitude, and the warmth of the desert sun.
Pam does not like being objectified, which is what makes her such a perfect candidate for Babe of the Month.

Pam will be Babe of the Month until further notice by the management.pam-of-the-month

2 replies on “Babe of the Month”

Thanks, McBone!
It was due in part to your suggestion to check out the Bison Wiches website that made me come up with the idea of a Falling Rock counterpart.

…and here I was going to Bison Witches to get soup in a bread bowl. What messed up priorities.

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