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Babe of the Month: June 2009

Summertime…when the sleeves get shorter and the pants get capri. The time of the year a young Paul Newman strolls into town with nothing but the sweaty shirt on this muscular back. Yes, we know what you’re after and we at Falling Rock National Blog aim to give it to you. It is time to announce Falling Rock’s Babe of the Month.

The Babe of the Month for June 2009 is: Pam the javelina.pam-babe-of-the-month-color

Pam, no longer the young idealistic teacher, still has much to offer the discerning gentleman. She is retired, which means she won’t have any excuses to leave the house (unless it is to get the groceries to make your dinner). She is down to two packs a day, much sexier than the four-packs-plus-a-pint-of-Jameson she was a few years back. She loves to read murder mysteries, so you know she’s got a dark side. Pam is the whole package.

Better yet fellas, Pam is currently unattached. Could you be her Mr. Oh, All Right? Get in line!

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Before I read her description, Pam totally reminded me of Mrs. Close. I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s the worn down appearance. Maybe the ciggy. Rest in peace, Mrs. Close. May you never know your former student compared you to a cartoon javelina.

Pam: the original pin-up girl. You know all our troops have her pinned to their bunks.


Mrs. Close is dead?!?

Pam isn't explicitly modeled on Mrs. Close, but now that you mention it, it sounds plausible.

Sorry to say, Mrs. Close died a couple years ago. She got sick and passed fast. She had a brain tumor, I believe. She was a great teacher, wasn't she?

She'll always live on in us, and Pam, I suppose. 🙂

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