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b-movie bingo

First of all, you need to move to Portland.  It’s really the only option.  Second, you need to come with me, on the first Tuesday of every month, to B-Movie Bingo at the Hollywood Theater.

At B-Movie Bingo, you are handed a bingo card like this one:

Then you watch a cheesy movie (usually from the 1980’s).  If you bingo, you get prizes like free movie tickets, candy, and a DVD of a spinning pizza.  B-Movie Bingo is more about the journey than the destination, though.  The real joy is in the watching and the playing.

Before the movie begins, Wolf Choir (a band who now hosts this instead of playing music) shows this instructional clip, explaining the bingo card:

Watching bad movies is fun.  Playing bingo to them is truly sublime.

So, to recap:
1. Move to Portland
2. Come to B-Movie Bingo, first Tuesday of the month, at the Hollywood Theater.
I can promise you at least two cartoonists will be in attendance.

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