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Arizona Quarter

arizona-quarterUsually when you find a surprise in your laundry, it isn’t a happy one. Fortunately, this was not the case over the weekend, when I found an Arizona state quarter among those I was going to use to wash my clothes.

2008 is the first year for the Arizona quarter – I believe it is either the last or second-to-last round of state quarters. As far as state quarters go, I like the cut of its jib. The image fills the entire side, it is cohesive, and you can totally tell what it is. It’s nice they included a few different kinds of cactus; usually you just see a single lonely saguaro to represent Arizona. I’m also relieved they didn’t include a large ugly concrete wall running through the desert.

My rating: A

2 replies on “Arizona Quarter”

YAY!!!… THE Arizona quarter!… finally!

This is yes, the dorkiest thing ever, but I’m all yet down to finding about 4 more quarters for my state quarter collection. They’re in a baggy, and I keep the list with me wherever I go. Laundry is always fun to do since there is a good chance out of 20 quarters, I’ll find what I need.

That back is beautiful… no wonder I have kindred spirits there.

Haven’t coin collections become cool again? Okay, maybe they’ve never been cool. But I’m glad you see the coolness inherent in collecting all the state quarters. Good luck with the final four!

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