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April Fools!

nate bowler
For those of you who are regulars to my website, today’s comic may look a bit different to you. That’s because my good friend Nate is the artist responsible for the Special Limited April Fool’s Day Edition of Falling Rock National Park.

Nate’s blog, Stabbone and McGraw, has its own brand of anti-mayonnaise, pro-moustache humor. Today he set that aside to give Falling Rock readers something new.

There are three firsts in today’s strip. This marks Nate’s first foray into published cartooning (via MCT Campus, all copyrights held by the artist). This is also Richard Nixon’s first appearance in a Falling Rock comic. We have mentioned him numerous times in the past, but today he appears in all his body-less glory. Finally, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Pam light her cigarette. I never figured out where she’d keep the lighter once she was done using it. I also assumed that she’d just always light the next cigarette from the used one before it. Here Nate has left his indelible mark on the world of Falling Rock. I doubt it will ever be the same.

Happy April 1st, everybody.

3 replies on “April Fools!”

I know that Nixon is still alive somewhere (Reagan too). It just makes sense that he would be hidden in desert climes in the care of a sympathetic owl.


Just so you know, I still have my cut out copy of Adrianne’s April Fools Family Monster…:-D

Hey Marina!
Yeah, I should post all the April Fools comics one o’ these days.
Adrianne made my characters look very fashionable.

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