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abe lincoln’s long shadow

For no real reason, here is a week of The Family Monster from April 2004.

Abraham Lincoln has long been a source of inspiration for my comics. He’s the flip side of Nixon in almost every way. Tall & lanky, bearded, and honest by very definition, Abe is probably my ideal President.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Family Monster (the comic strip I drew before Falling Rock), you can read up on its sordid history right here. As you can tell even from this small sampling, its format was more freewheeling than Falling Rock. That is because I had no idea if anyone was reading it. As it turns out, people did read it because I was picked up by the McClatchy-Tribune (formerly KRT) Campus.

Although I’ve left my monsters behind for now, Lincoln shows up in Falling Rock from time to time. So if you’re searching for continuity between the two strips, look no further than our 16th President.

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