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A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Jimmy Carter

carter obama 08What does it take to achieve greatness? Saving kittens from a burning building? Breaking the 4-minute mile time?

After the Nixon/Ford Combo, America was ready for competence. What it got was possibly the greatest president of all time, in any country, ever. Who is this Dark Horse of which I speak? Why, Jimmy Carter, of course; our 39th President.

Jimmy Carter rode into the office of President on a wave of “Don’t mess this up.” A lesser man would have been content to sign the bills, make the photo-ops, and slide into placeholder status between better-known presidents. An even lesser man than that would have gotten us into an unnecessary war, drove the debt to new heights, undercut education and the environment, and polarized a nation. Jimmy Carter was neither of those hypothetical men.

Jimmy Carter: born again Christian, environmentalist, human rights advocate, farmer, moral compass. He raised the fuel efficiency standards to levels not seen before or since. He mediated talks geared toward Mideast peace. He had a wonderful smile. His wife, June Carter Cash, hailed from a family of musicians and carried on that tradition.

Okay, so he wasn’t married to June. But his real wife Rosalynn, so I am told, was the model of tastefulness and tact.

In this age of doubt and fear, we need the man who turned our nation around at a time of crisis. We need Jimmy Carter to claim his untapped second term. And with trusty sidekick Barack Obama as VP, how can he miss?

My proposal, dear readers, is simple. Carter/Obama 08. The campaign will focus on leading American into 12 years of progressive politics. The slogan will be “JC 2: The Resurrection” (how’s that for catering to the religious right?) The theme song is still undecided, but I’m thinking Springsteen (not Born in the U.S.A. Two Hearts, maybe?).
Mr. Carter or Mr. Obama have not endorsed this message. Yet.

4 replies on “A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Jimmy Carter”

Actually, Jimmy Carter was related distantly to June Carter.

I’d vote for Jimmy Carter in a second.

It would have been very cool if June and Jimmy had been married, though of course they were cousins! That might not have looked too good.

I too would love nothing more than to see Jimmy Carter as VP! Let us all write him letters! I’d like to have Al Gore and Jimmy Carter… oh, the beauty of it!!!!

Now if Jimmy Cater had been married to June Carter (who wouldn’t have been Cash then!) he would certainly be the greatest ruler of all time! Of course they were cousins… but kings and queens did it all the time!

I’m putting my vote for Jimmy Carter VP with Al Gore for President. What a dream!

When I start talking about Jimmy Carter I feel all this positive energy, not just from me, but from you, too!

Maybe the theme song for the campaign can be Keep on the Sunny Side.

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