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A little information about Barack Obama

Barack Obama grew up poor in a log cabin in Hawaii. Debate between Hawaii and California rages as to which state has claim on little Barack’s birthplace, as his mother gave birth to him while walking in the fields somewhere on the boundary line between the two states.

Obama left Hawaii to travel West. Way West, almost all the way West to Illinois. Illinois, “Land of Obama”, is where Obama now makes his home and his mark on the world.

Obama married Mary Todd Obama and they began their life together. At first, Obama took the sort of jobs expected from a tall man from Hawaii. He earned his first dollar ferrying passengers to steamboats traveling the Ohio River. He wrote poetry. Eventually, he got a job as a lawyer in Springfield, the capitol city of Illinois.

The well-used hat rack in Obama’s law firm was not to remain so for long, as Obama got the itch. At first he thought he had gotten a tick, but then he realized it was actually politics. He ran and won for an office in the state legislature.

During his campaign for President, Obama has already been a part of a series of debates. His grand oratorical style, combined with his manly beard, have propelled him to the forefront of the national consciousness.

Obama once gave directions to a man who was lost. The man asked Obama if he was in Jefferson County. Obama gave him the actual address, which was Gettysburg.

Obama is staunchly against slavery, a controversial position that may lose him votes. He is, however, firm in his belief.

“Honest Barack” is a good man. He can lead us from the darkness into the light.

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