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a great day for redheads

conanTomorrow marks an historic occasion for redheads (AKA ginger kids) everywhere. Conan O’Brien will begin hosting The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The show may even have to change its name.

For as long as redheads have been around, we have been the object of intense jealousy by damn near everyone else. We understand. We are intrinsically awesomer by our very redheaded nature. The ability to Rock long and hard is in our DNA.

You may ask, then, why it has taken so long for a redhead to be the President of a major late-night television show. To that we just chuckle and shake our heads. Oh, the things non-gingers don’t know.

I may be a blogger, but I am not petty. I’m not here to lord my awesomeness over you (which is an 11 on a scale of 1-10, by the way). I’m also not here to betray the Code of the Redheads (a code which I am forbidden to reveal, sadly). No, I’m here to celebrate a great day for redheads.

Here’s to you, Mr. O’Brien. May you live to be one thousand years old.

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