discarded couches of portland

One couch on NE Fremont last week. I haven’t seen it since, so I’m assuming it helped someone have an amazing Thanksgiving.


discarded couches of portland: tucson edition

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Tucson was the discovery of this discarded couch:
What it may be lacking in cushions, it more than makes up for in character. Pick it up quick, before some pack rat makes it its home.

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tucson comic-con 2015

This was my sixth year at the now well-established Tucson ComicCon. The venerable institution (is it safe to call it an institution yet?) was even bigger than last year, a trend that Mike Olivares plans to continue into the distant future. Fortunately, bigger did not translate to longer lines. Attendees seemed to get into the convention quickly and with ease, and their good spirits buoyed all of us exhibitors.

Of course my trip would not have been complete without a few trips into the desert wilderness. I collected a slew of new reference photos for future Falling Rock backgrounds.





As I’ve noted before on this here blog, the Tucson Con is a perfect way to end the convention season. With a blast of sunlight and plenty of fodder for new stories, I return to my studio for a winter of making comics.

I’ve been less active in this space, but you can follow my creative process over on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Let’s keep in touch, yeah?

Blog comic con

meet me in tucson

This weekend I will be at the 8th Annual Tucson ComicCon! I’ve exhibited at this convention more years than any other.
It makes me especially happy that my hometown has such a great show. You can find me stationed at:

tucson-comic-con-15-logoWhat are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! See you this Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.


inktober 2015

For the first time, I participated in a fun October challenge. Called Inktober, artists make one ink drawing a day and post it online along with #inktober. You can then easily search for everyone’s contributions. It was a cool way to create a finished drawing every day for a month. I went the concept album route and drew all dinosaurs (with maybe one outlier). Since I don’t put much on this here blog anymore, I thought it would be interesting to post all 31 ink drawings. At last! A non-discarded couch or comic con post.