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issue 5 is coming

isue-5-cover-FINALThis week I have sent Falling Rock National Park #5 off to the printer. All my dear subscribers will receive this issue in their mailboxes. Look for it by mid-February.

Oh, are you not a subscriber? We can remedy that right now.

This issue has a “season 2” feel to it. I’ve redesigned the cover and table of contents.

Inside you’ll find two stories about Pam, the park’s curmudgeonly javelina. As an added bonus, “The Destination” features an extended flashback drawn by the esteemed Tyrell Cannon. If you’re interested in a sneak peek, do check out his series Victus. After you’ve feasted upon his visually sumptuous masterpiece in the making, you’ll be ready for Pam’s tale.

issue 5 in production

A little status update. Falling Rock issue 5 is at the printer now and I should be receiving them the first or second week of February. Here, then, is a taste of what you’ll find inside:

5 day art challenge

Reid challenged me on the facebook to post three pieces of art a day for the next five days. Since this blog has been quiet lately, I thought I’d repost everything here. Today’s batch are all dinosaurs scanned from my sketchbook.
challenge1-3 challenge1-2 challenge1-1

5 day art challenge, day 2

For the second day of the art-posting challenge, I went for more dinosaurs.
These were ripped from my sketchbook:
challenge2-3 challenge2-2 challenge2-1

5 day art challenge, day 3

On this, the third day of a five day art-posting challenge, I am posting work I did for BOOM! Studios two years ago. There are two pages of a test I did for them, and one cover that was ultimately not used.
If you are reading this as a lawyer, please note that I am not selling these, nor am I profiting from them in any way. Please do not sue me.

With that said, here’s the art!



5 day art challenge, day 4

Today I’m posting new work. These are studies I did of national park buildings. You never can tell when you’ll need to draw a new building.
Drawn and inked by hand, colored digitally.



5 day art challenge, day 5

The FIVE DAY ART CHALLENGE ends today. Here we have three (ok four) kachina dolls I scanned from my sketchbook and hastily colored just now. Looking at these guys, I might have to do some more kachina drawings in the future.


This art challenge has been exceptionally fun. Looking back through old drawings, making a few new ones. I’ll have to come up with more ways to share art on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

discarded couches of portland

Ah, the couches of winter. These were sitting near SE 58th and Division.