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Tomb of the Zombies on GoComics

tomb-of-the-zombies-cover-lowMy dream as a kid was to be a syndicated cartoonist. Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip some of you may remember, ran via Universal Press Syndicate. Now known by its 21st century name uclick, it’s one of the very few remaining syndicates. They have wisely diversified into both the book publishing world and online.

GoComics is pretty much the best place to read comics on the internet. They have many of the syndicated superstars and they also occasionally take a chance on Kid Nobody from Palookaville. Well I’m here to tell you that this month, I am that Kid!

Kid Shay Comics makes its debut on GoComics this month with the COMPLETE Tomb of the Zombies. I will be posting two pages a week until it is all up. If you haven’t had the chance to read my epic tale of love, redemption, and werewolf manservants, now is the time.

HERE is the link to my page on GoComics. Once you’re done reading the most current page, you can click right over to see what La Cucaracha is up to.

discarded couches of portland

NE 15th near Alberta

discarded couches of portland

NE Fremont

discarded couches of portland

SE Steele. Hat tip to Jenny for pointing this one out.
Discard couch 10-13-14

discarded couches of portland

Not only did I see this floral print couch, but there were two cats nearby: one next door and another across the street. A grand day out!
Discard couch 10-21-14

discarded couches of portland

A bright couch on a grey late October day. It’ll hide the blood stains well.

Zombie Halloween

Zombie went for a little stroll today.