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Babe of the Month

Longtime readers of this here blog know that our Perpetual Babe of the Month is Pam, the chain-smoking javelina. She epitomizes all the qualities of a Babe of the Month. Her coarse, brown fur, her narrowed eyes, her standoffish personality. I can’t think of a more bodacious babe.

Oscar Woodruff
, an incredibly talented illustrator, has submitted a truly excellent piece of fan art. Like many a man, Pam takes his breath away. I can’t say I blame him. Behold, the product of his devotion:
Hubba hubba! Amirite, guys?

high school art class

Since today is Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d throwback a little art from my high school art class. The first colored pencil drawing represents the first of many explorations of those mysterious Easter Island heads. The second is a portion of a final exam. Our teacher had us draw one picture for the final – whatever we could do in an hour. I went with comics. This is packed with in-jokes that I don’t remember and features all the people who sat with me for the year. We were a good group.


discarded couches of portland

I’ve seen so many discarded couches this week I couldn’t keep up. Here are this week’s offerings.



discarded couches of portland


discarded couches of portland


discarded couches of portland

Friday. Only a block away from my house!

discarded couches of portland

Today was a great day to be alive. The first discarded couch I saw was just chillin’ on Stark. The second, on 60th near Broadway.



discarded couches of portland

Discarded couch 8-27-14