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Crossroad Blues

I drew this comic years ago to facetiously answer the question “Where do cartoonists get their ideas?” Where else would we get our creativity but by making a deal with the Devil himself? I was kidding, of course. Old Scratch only deals with the Robert Johnsons and James Camerons of the world. If I had made a deal with Old Scratch, I probably would’ve come out with the next Garfield. As it is, I make do with Falling Rock.josh-and-the-devil-1josh-and-the-devil-2

discarded couches of portland

In case you were concerned about asking for the price of this couch, the previous owner placed a sign conscientiously on the front. This couch was so close to my work that I briefly considered tying it to the back of my scooter and dragging it in.
Couch 1-31-14