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discarded couches of portland

Well well well! The first discarded couch of 2014!

You can find this couch on NE Sandy and 78th. Discard couch 1-5-14

discarded couches of portland

Found! On the very same day I saw my first couch of the year, Isis saw this broken down beauty on NE Beech and 77th. This is promising to be a banner year for discarded couches.

Discarded couch 1-6-13

see falling rock!

business-card-front-JAN14-color-borderI’ve been working on new cards to hand out at conventions. This isn’t the final design, but I liked it enough to share.
Gearing up for a huge convention year! Hope to see you all out in the great big world.

ipad sketches

Trees and sky and oddly circular clouds. I’ve been experimenting with the Sketchbook Pro app.image



discarded couches of portland

Couch 1-12-13

This couch (and bonus chair) were spotted on SE 45th and Brooklyn by the inimitable Andrea. I imagine the original owners were blown off of them and into the street, where they became so disoriented they wandered away.

retire wahoo

chief-wahooIs it possible? The Cleveland Indians currently, as in now, as in 2014, have a logo that belongs in the history books under the heading “Americans Sure Used to be Racist, Right?” Turns out Americans are currently racist, as well. This horrendous smiling insult is emblazoned on the uniforms of the Cleveland Indians, a Major League Baseball team. As though white people have not done enough to Native Americans (née Indians), they continue to use these awful images as mascots for their sports teams.

Partner blogger Stabbone and McGraw has made numerous pleas over the years to eliminate this terrible stereotype which mars his favorite baseball team, but the public has turned a deaf ear. I thought I could pitch in with an idea, just to get the gears turning. To satisfy those fans accustomed to Chief Wahoo’s trademarked grin, but to eliminate the racist overtones, I have turned the Cleveland Indians into the Cleveland Lizards. Presto! Ernesto as major league mascot:
ernesto-over-wahooAs part of the deal, if Cleveland’s management agrees to my changes, I will lend them Ernesto’s likeness for the lifetime of the ball club. All I request in return is a small fee to be paid to the Shawnee Tribe, formerly of Ohio but now residing in Oklahoma. Much like the story of the University of Oregon’s Duck, this is a deal that could outlive its creators.

process: ernesto’s strange journey

For my upcoming Falling Rock National Park #3, I thought I’d take you on a trip. In creating this page, I wanted to do something surreal. Ernesto is certainly having a rough time, but we don’t know exactly what’s happening to him yet.ernesto-abducted-pencilThe surrounding patterns are based on Islamic tiles, especially from Marrakesh. Though I have not had the fortune of visiting in person, a few internet searches yielded impressive results.
ernesto-abducted-inkFor this page, I did something that I don’t normally do: finish it in Photoshop. I inked all the figures, text, and patterns the old fashioned brush-and-ink way, but when it came to filling the background I waited until I scanned the artwork. I didn’t want to inadvertently ink over a nice pretty line I had made, so digital black was my decision. Hopefully it isn’t too artificial-looking.
ernesto-abducted-finalIssue 3 is getting back from the printer this week! I hope you will order a copy for yourself or a loved one. Comics make great gifts.

falling rock national park issue 3

When you pick up a copy of Falling Rock National Park #3, these are the stories you’ll find within. The Lizard Vanishes, its title taken from the Hitchcock classic The Lady Vanishes, involves Ernesto’s alleged abduction by extra terrestrials. Of the short pieces that finish the book, my favorite might be Performance Review, as it features Park Superintendent Globulus. Globulus has long been my favorite villain, and I view this story as the beginning of a longer story involving the nefarious slug.

Pick up a copy right here, or when you see me at a convention later this year.




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