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friday robots

This is another one of those cases where I kept messing with the elements and couldn’t quite decide which design I liked best. Since this is a blog and not a professional publication with editors and the like, I’ll show you all three of my ideas. You can pick your favorite.
friday-robots-11-1-13-2 friday-robots-11-1-13-3 friday-robot-11-1-13If you happen to live in Southern Arizona and want something fun to do this weekend, stop by the Tucson ComicCon! I’ll be there with Falling Rock comic strip collections, Falling Rock comic books, Tomb of the Zombies and Jack Ketch and foldy comics and screenprints and all sorts of good cheer.

friday robots

Friday robot 11-8-13

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friday robots

friday-robots-11-15-13These were inspired by trash bags full of styrofoam.
I took photos, then traced with a pen, then added color in Photoshop.
See? You can recycle styrofoam, after all.

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Tucson Comic-Con 2013

Tucson Comic-Con was a great way to end this year’s convention circuit. Tucson is such a welcoming town; I always love going back.

This year I noticed two big changes to the place I call my hometown. One was that Tucson now has a real downtown. Shops, galleries, bars, and restaurants fill the once-desolate streets. Streetcar tracks wind their way through a vibrant city’s beating heart. I am so glad Tucson has finally become the cool city it always aspired to be. The other change, unfortunately, was the traffic. Along with more to do in the city, there are more people out. With no real highway system to speak of, the city government has chosen to go the way of Denver: make the roads bigger. This does not solve the problem, of course. It only exacerbates. If I had free reign to redesign any city, I would pick Tucson.

The convention itself was a magnificent success. Thanks to Mike and Teresita Oliveras, the show was bigger than ever. I had the great fortune to be seated next to this handsome guy.

Henry Barajas has become ubiquitus in Tucson. He works for two newspapers, does stand-up, blogs, makes comics, and somehow has time to ride his bike all over town. It was an honor to have him beside me for two days as we greeted nearly every comic fan in the Old Pueblo.

Not only was Tucson a fun con, but I did better sales than Seattle, a much bigger show. I attribute that mainly to location and content. I was stationed very near the entrance in Tucson, so I got to see the crowds before they thinned and became weary. And my comics are set in the southwest, so there is a recognition in Tucson that I just don’t get elsewhere.

It is that, and the great Mexican food, that keeps me returning to my homeland. For the next four months I will retire to the Batcave to work on new comics. I want to have plenty to show for next year’s convention circuit. Stay tuned for new announcements, including the forthcoming publication of Falling Rock National Park issue 3!

blackbeard pride

When my partner blogger McBone asked me if I could make a gay pride Jolly Roger for Edward Teach’s Facebook page, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. McBone and I have been co-captaining Blackbeard’s online profile for the past few years and we take our job very seriously. When it came to inclusiveness, pirates were far ahead of their time. Former slaves, women, Jews…the more the merrier. I have no doubt Ed Teach wouldn’t have thought twice about including a gay or lesbian among his legendary crew. My only aim was to make this Jolly Roger worthy of Blackbeard’s name.
Feel free to use this pirate pride flag. After all, who am I to quash piracy of a pirate flag?

falling rock national park trailer

I had this idea for almost a full year. I’ve always wanted to make a trailer for my comic, but I didn’t have the means until recently. Then I had to wait until I flew back to Tucson so I could film the desert landscape I draw so frequently. Finally, it all came together in this 85-second clip. Hopefully my next video project won’t have as large a gestation-to-production ratio.

friday robots

I started out wanting to draw robots but ended up with a Martian landscape. It happens.

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friday robots

friday robots 11-29-13I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
For the rest of the world, you really ought to eat a big meal with family and friends, no matter the excuse.
Have a great weekend everybody!