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stumptown 2013

Welcome…to the Oregon Convention Center!
jurassic park gateThis year Stumptown was held in the tropical rainforest known as the Rose Quarter.
The dinosaur attacks were kept to a minimum, and a safe, fun time was had by all. Life found a way.
Table leftTable rightTable wholejosh shalekThe 10th Stumptown Comics Fest was the fourth I’ve exhibited at, and it was a homecoming of sorts. Stumptown was where I met Kenan and HUGE INDIANA JONES FAN Reid, and where the group of traveling cartoonists I proudly call my friends began. Neil was there with The Plot issues 1 and 2, Tyrell brought the complete Gary, and Matt offered poems on commission (a first for a comics convention?). We were lucky to table in the same block, making ours a hotspot in the center of the convention floor. It was amazing.

I bought and traded for a number of remarkable works of comic art. Here is a pictorial representation of said acquisitions, followed by links for the curious.

Stumptown comics

Li’l Depressed Boy by Sina Grace

Fugue by Beth Hetland

Runner Runner edited by Greg Means

Mara with art by Ming Doyle

Vampires Need Love Too by Brian Cattapan

minis by Mita Mahato

Wings for Wheels edited by Nomi Kane

It Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple

Cat People/Dog People by Hannah Blumenreich

prints by Kevin Uehlein

Simon Immolate by Tyrell and Logan Cannon

John Day National Monument by Matt Sundstrom

Titan by Francois Vigneault

Outfoxed by Dylan Meconis

Space Race by Tom Clohosy Cole

I will close with a print of Captain Picard. Although Patrick Stewart was unable to attend this convention, his spirit hovered over the Oregon Convention Center like a benevolent spacegoing craft.

Picard print

friday robots

friday robots 5-3-13

Renn Fayre

At the end of the academic year, Reed holds a special campuswide celebration called Renn Fayre. Don’t mistake it for a Renaissance Fair. It is a recognition of the seniors who have submitted their thesis and who will be graduating in a few short weeks. This weekend is the biggest single event on the Reed calendar.




#reedcollege couch in dome



inking weekend

I inked 9 pages this weekend and I have 6 to go. After that, 5 pages to write and then draw. Issue 2 is coming along more slowly than I would like, but I think we’ll all be happy with the result. Here’s a couple pictures of inked pages.

Finishing up the pages! #process

8 pages inked, 6 to go. #process #weekend

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discarded couches of portland

Today was apparently the ideal day to discard your couch in Stumptown. On my ride home I saw no less than two couches on the side of the road, awaiting their doom. If you have a home in need of a couch, won’t you consider adopting one or both of these forgotten beauties?
May 7th first couch

May 7th second couch

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friday robots

friday robots 5-10-13These robots look a lot like hurdles. Imagine, if these robots tried to take over the world we’d have to jump over them to defeat them. Hurdlers would suddenly become the world’s greatest asset. Don’t write off hurdlers, because someday they may have to jump over a robot to save us all.

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abbey road with dinosaur

dinosaur abbey roadBecause I love bringing all my favorite things together.

discarded couches of portland

Discarded couch on truck

This small couch hasn’t been discarded…yet.

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friday robots

friday robots 5-17-13Because I will always be an X-Files fan.


VanCAF header

In one week I will be exhibiting at my very first international comics festival in Vancouver, British Columbia! Next Saturday and Sunday you can meet me at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. Matt Ocasio, celebrated author, will be my tablemate for the show. Another first! We’ve never shared a table before. Find us both at table G5 at Roundhouse Mews. We will be two of the Americans self-consciously adding “u” to the words color, favor, and honor in our books.

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