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friday robots

friday robots 2-1-13

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cafepress shop updated

Go to here for all your Falling Rock and Tomb of the Zombies apparel.

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friday robots

While you are enjoying today’s robots, consider subscribing to Falling Rock! It’s only 20 bucks and it means I get to keep making comics.


That’s the end of the money bit, now leave a great weekend!Friday robots 2-8-13

screen prints

Screen prints

Next time you see me at a convention, you can walk away with one (or both) of these beautiful screen prints. Three color prints on chipboard. Suitable for the yurt or geodesic dome; whatever you call home.

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friday robots

Don’t forget, you can subscribe to Falling Rock National Park right now! Only $20 for four sterling issues.
Have a great weekend everybody!

friday robots 2-15-13 2

friday robots 2-15-13

issue 1 is here!

Issue 1 of the Falling Rock comic book has arrived! Subscribers, you’ll be receiving yours in the mail within a week. Haven’t subscribed yet? Well, now’s the time!

issue-1-joshshalek issue-1-front-cover issue-1-back-cover issue-1-inside

If you’re wondering why I’m dressed like a guy who just hopped off a bicycle, that’s because I had just hopped off my bicycle.
I had to take advantage of one of the few sunny days Portland has to offer in February.

What are you waiting for?!? Subscribe now!

friday robots

friday robots 2-22-13

meet me in seattle

March 1-3, 2013

March 1-3, 2013

Hello Seattle friends! I will be in your city this weekend, from Friday March 1 through Sunday March 3, for the Emerald City ComicCon. This will be the first year I’ve gone to this show, but it comes highly recommended by my fellow cartoonists. You can find me in Artist Alley table S-09. I will be sharing space with the heartbreaking work of staggering genius known to the public as Tyrell Cannon. Stop by and say hello!

I’ll have all my Falling Rock comic strip collections, as well as Tomb of the Zombies and Dancing with Jack Ketch. Making their debuts at this show: the inaugural issue of Falling Rock National Park (the comic book) and two screen prints. Plenty to choose from. Hope to see you in Seattle.

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emerald city map

My tablemate Tyrell posted this handy map on his blog. Here’s where you can find us this weekend at Emerald City ComicCon: