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meet me in tucson

This weekend I’ll be at my very last show of the year. If that alone wasn’t enough reason to come see me, I’ll have you know that this show is in my hometown: Tucson, Arizona. Come to the Tucson ComicCon and lay your eyes upon dozens of amazing Arizona artists this weekend!

After this I’m going into hibernation until next March, when I’ll head up to Seattle for Emerald City.

Hope to see you in Tucson this weekend!

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friday robots

You might think these robots look like butterfly wings, or maybe eyes. Me, I think of them as lungs. Whatever your interpretation, I hope you have a great weekend!

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friday robots

A couple ipad robots for you today:

These aren’t my favorite robots in the world. Someday I might get as good at this as David Hockney. Have a great Friday everybody!

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Tucson ComicCon 2012

This year marked a milestone for the Tucson ComicCon. It was the fifth year of this Con’s existence and its first in the Tucson Convention Center. The combination of an already loyal following along with the Wood/Silverware anniversary made for Tucson ComicCon’s best yet showing.
Next to me was the newly emerging Tucson powerhouse Henry Barajas. He is a writer, a fosterer of visions, a marketing wizard. We had met at previous conventions but hadn’t had the chance to really talk before. It was a genuine pleasure to stand next to him for two days.

This show would not exist without the truly superhuman efforts of Mike Olivares. He, along with his wife and extended family, make this show happen. Seriously, I know there’s a lot of talk about people who are real-life superheroes and blah blah blah, but this guy is the real deal.

Making their debut in Tucson were my two recent releases, Tomb of the Zombies and Falling Rock National Park 2012. They were welcomed with open arms by Tucsonans. I have to say, my table looks better and better with each passing year. It’s a good-lookin’ table. A mighty fine table, yessir.

Self-satisfied cartoonist or just tired?

Beyond the Con, I traveled not too far to Tohono Chul Park for a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday Tucson life. My mom and I set out to admire the local flora and fauna. Mission: accomplished. We also got to see some cool animal sculptures.
As usual, my last Con of the year made me glad I do what I do. I hope to see all of you, dear readers, next year. At Emerald City you’ll be able to see both me AND Captain Picard.

citizen friday robots

Watched Citizen Kane last night for maybe the third or fourth time. Good flick. It made me want to draw gaudy-looking robots.

Enjoy your Friday, and remember that you can never go back home, no matter how many newspapers or fancy statues you buy.

new introduction

I finally, finally drew a new introduction for the characters of Falling Rock. The six-page comic can be read right over in the Characters section of this very website. This is kind of a twofer: an updated introduction AND a brand-new comic! I promise I’ll have more comics to show you soon. I am still drawing. I haven’t retired. It feels as weird to me to not be drawing a daily strip as it probably feels to you to not be reading one. Soon, dear readers.

The last introduction was done in 2008, so this was a needed update. The way I draw my characters has changed so much! Now I have one less section of my website that embarrasses me. Good way to start the week.


These are inspired by backgrounds from Adventure Time. I really like the way that show is drawn. Their backgrounds look like those in Looney Tunes cartoons, with a dash of Krazy Kat thrown in for good measure.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

black friday robots

Just a couple catheads for today’s robots. That’s Andy on the left, me on the right.
Have a great weekend!

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homage to homage to catatonia

Short story idea:

A creative writing professor kidnaps his entire class. After a while, all the students begin to write in the same style as the professor. It’s called something like “Stockholm Syndrome 201” or “Classroom Syndrome.”

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the incredibly true story of smokey the bear

Reid made a colossal find recently. He found, in comic book form, the entirely true story of Smokey the Bear. Now some of you interneters, with your wikipedias and your factcheck.orgs, are going to refute some of these details. But I will stand by the words of the wise old hawk who tells Smokey’s origin story. For your reading pleasure, I give you The True Story of Smokey Bear!

If anyone has information regarding the writers and artists of this publication, please let me know! I’d like to think the wise old hawk wasn’t inking this all by himself.