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Tomb of the Zombies IS HERE

The headline does not lie.  This morning I drove to the venerable Portland institution, Brown Printing, and picked up six boxes of the good stuff.
And by “good stuff” I of course mean zombie books:
The order form is up, so please order early and often.
You too can live like the 1% with your very own copy of Tomb of the Zombies:
Who am I, some kind of ad man?
Nah, I only sell books I believe in, like those drawn by me.
Tomb of the Zombies is the funniest story about the living dead since Joyce.
Read it now before it gets made into a major motion picture starring Rashida Jones as Kate and Alan Rickman as Levon the werewolf.

friday robots

These four robots were originally all different colors,
but they seemed to belong together.

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contagion: a haiku

Paltrow dies right away
Cotillard lives to the end
my kind of movie

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