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friday robots

For some reason, the robots on either end remind me of cinnamon rolls.

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friday robots

I’m thinking this is a robot in a canyon.  It could very well be James Franco in 127 Hours.

Moral: even Friday Robots are capable of getting into a real pickle.

back from denver

Last weekend was a welcome change to my workaday life.  I got to see Falling Rock’s resident troubadour Andy K and his ex-girlfriend (now fiancee) Kate.


We did so many things it’s not even funny, one of them being a trip to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art.  What you see in this picture is me standing in front of a string sculpture.  If you can’t see the string it’s because I’m so fat.  Geez, I felt fat next to those pieces of string.

We also went to a Rockies game, but the Rockies must have given up sometime early in the season because they lost to Cincinnati 4-1.  Coors Field never fails to disappoint, however; it gave us this view of downtown Denver:

Note the werewolf moon.  Good thing I remembered to pack my medicine.


Next up: I meet my soul bar.

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