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things are happening

Fear not, dear readers.  Despite the scarcity of recent posts, I continue to be alive and somewhat productive.


Falling Rock returns this month! I’m working on the beginning of Season 6.  New episodes will be posting before the end of the month.  Despite some reader’s concerns, absolutely nothing happens at Falling Rock over the long hot summer, so don’t expect any flashbacks or long bouts of exposition regarding our time away from Ernesto, Dee, Carver, Pam and Melissa.


Tomb of the Zombies is still under consideration by at least one publisher.  If I get nothing but rejection, you can rest assured a self-published version will surface, maybe even in time for APE.


What else?  I’ve been doing a little blog-cleaning.  My categories list was a mess, so I’m trying to label every post under a smaller number of categories:  autobiography, comic, fiction, history, friday robot, reviews.  We’ll see if that makes this blog easier to navigate.  At least you’ll know when I’m making stuff up (fiction) or being honest with you (autobiography, comic, history).


More soon!

friday robots

would you wear this shirt?

As it turns out, there are benefits to being a blogger.  These nice people offered me a free t-shirt, just to show off their expertise.

The printing is of a higher quality than what you find at CafePress.  You might recognize the design: it’s the cover to my Falling Rock collection See America First!


I’m wondering if you, my dear readers, would buy such a shirt if I offered it at conventions?


In the meantime, you will be able to see me riding around Portland in this very shirt, flaunting my status as blogger and cartoonist.  Glasses may or may not be present.

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vesper vespa

When considering whether or not to purchase a second motorized vehicle for the ol’ homestead, I had a few options.What would be the most energy-consuming, inefficient method of getting me from home to work on those days when bike riding is not palatable?

Fortunately, before I made any ill-advised decisions, Fate intervened.  Fate, I should note, drives a totally sweet Vespa.

Yes, dear readers, you can now see me scooting around town on this bright orange beaut.  The photo is not entirely accurate – I can tell you right now it was staged.  I will have contacts in rather than my glasses on because I will be wearing an ODOT-approved helmet, thus securing my most prized possession, my enormous brain.  I can’t even begin to tell you what I’d do if I lost my mind.


The  most important order of business, after purchasing vanity “ISCOOT” license plates, is naming this beautiful machine.  Being a dude, I had to think of pretty ladies whose names would befit the Vespa.  What better name than Vesper Lynd?  Vesper,  played by Eva Green, stole James Bond’s heart in Casino Royale.  She was, in this blogger’s opinion, the very best Bond girl.


There are times when I can’t imagine my life getting any better.  When I take off on Vesper Lynd, my worries vanish and all that remains is a world of possibilities.

two cowboys

From the sketchbook:

friday robots

There are more than enough robots for all the Fridays.  These robots come to us from a familiar place, John Day Fossil Beds National MonumentJohn Day is one of the Friday Robot “hotspots.”  Like cell phone coverage, Friday Robots are stronger in some areas.

Happy Friday everybody.  Go out and find a robot hotspot near you.

in case you missed it

I was interviewed by fellow cartoonist Palle Schmidt for his blog, Writing With Pictures.


Palle and I met at MoCCA in April.  He was nice enough to offer me an interview as part of a series he is doing on his blog.  Much to my surprise and delight, we ran into each other again at San Diego ComicCon.  He was there promoting his new graphic novel, The Devil’s Concubine.  Getting to know Palle was one of the highlights of ComicCon; he is not only a talented cartoonist, he’s a professional illustrator who knows how to market his work.  I mostly listened to him and hopefully I’ve picked up a few things.  (The re-categorizing of this here blog was at the top of my list when I returned from San Diego.)


Thanks for the interview, Palle!  As for the rest of you, check out his book.


falling rock SEASON SIX

Hello dear readers and welcome to Welcome to Falling Rock National Park‘s record-breaking sixth season.  Although it is still too early for me to have won any awards this year, I expect Season Six to be off the charts in terms of awardablility.


Why am I excited to be back with Falling Rock?  I’ve never drawn a comic strip for this long before.  The Family Monster, my post-college “experimental” strip, ran for four years.  When the idea for Falling Rock came along, I was interested in doing what I charmingly refer to as a “commercial strip.”  This is as close as I can get, apparently, to the mainstream.


I’m also excited for you all to see my brushwork.  Over the summer, I finished my graphic novella Tomb of the Zombies, which I inked with a (very tiny) sable hair brush.  After learning that master cartoonist Farel Dalrymple uses a larger Raphael brand sable brush, I rushed out to the internet and procured one for myself.  The number 4 size brush is now my inking tool of choice.  The details are still drawn with the PITT pens I’ve used before.  I first tried a brush when I was drawing a comic for my high school paper.  Back then I needed a tool that gave me more control.  I wasn’t adept enough to jump in with the brush.  Now, 15-odd years later, I’ve returned to my cartooning roots.  And hey, anything* that gets me closer to Bill Watterson is a good thing.


What can we expect for the coming season?  More robots, more Lincoln references, more harebrained schemes.  Additionally, Dee is beginning to question her place at the park as she gets older.  Will she be a park ranger her whole life?  How has she avoided getting transferred for so long?  These are issues I’m hoping to deal with this year.


Thanks for your patience over the long summer, and welcome back! *except murder

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