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happy april fools day!

Today’s Falling Rock was not drawn by me.  It was drawn by a team of highly-skilled covert operatives known collectively as “Kenan Rubenstein.”

2011-04-01-falling-rock-national-parkMy favorite April Fool’s tradition has been to have a friend draw this day’s episode of Falling Rock.  Kenan is my first cartoonist friend to draw the comic.
(Faithful readers may remember him as the inventor of the Foldy Comic.)

The April Fool’s episode has classically been the best drawn and written Falling Rock of the year, and Kenan has raised the bar even higher for future April Foolers.

Does anyone else think I resemble Ernesto?

friday robots

Just because it’s April Fools Day doesn’t mean you don’t get Friday Robots.friday-robots-4-8-11-1

These are companion robots to last week.  Yeah, they hang out after work, and are Facebook friends, and know about each other’s favorite HBO series.

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dancing with jack ketch second printing

I didn’t want last week’s big announcement of Scenic Byways to crowd out the equally exciting news that my pirate story, Dancing With Jack Ketch, is now available again!dancing with jack ketch 2nd print

Now in its second print, Dancing With Jack Ketch tells the story of Jackson Donfaire, an escaped slave who eventually becomes a pirate captain.jack ketch 2nd print

I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to fix up Jack Ketch.  It was only my second foray into self-publishing, and I wanted, with this print, to make Jack Ketch as special as my Falling Rock collections.

I re-scanned all the pages in glorious HD, re-did the front pages and added a final spread, and re-did the back cover.  All of this was printed with care by the fine folks at Pinball Press.  The second printing of Jack Ketch is kind of a new reading experience.jack ketch interior

Dancing With Jack Ketch is available for purchase through my online order form, and I will have copies at MoCCA and Stumptown this month!  Look for it!  Look for me!

friday robots

I’m in New York, but Friday Robots appear as scheduled:friday-robots-4-8-11

These robots got stacked on top of each other in an almost reverse pyramid.  That happens sometimes.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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