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friday robots

Tucson has some of the best star viewing of any city in the country.  This is partly due to light pollution restrictions enacted to aid scientists at nearby Kitt Peak Observatory.  If you’re ever in Tucson, a trip up the mountain to Kitt Peak is well worth your time.  Make sure to check out their badly neglected basketball court.  Not a lot of nighttime pick-up games are happening there.  What is happening, though, is some awesome universe viewing.  Their telescopes are more than adequate for solar system research, and the solar telescope is a sight to behold (they’ve rigged it so they can view the sun all day long without having to constantly make adjustments).  If there’s anything fishy going on with ol’ Sol, Kitt Peak will be the first group to know.

All this talk about astronomy got me thinking about a robot constellation which I call “The Four Brothers.”  They look peaceful in this depiction, but that just means they’re up to no good.friday-robots-9-17-10

Have a happy Friday everybody, and keep your eyes skyward.

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This post is dedicated to the weirdos.  Thank you for inspiring us all.  Your mystery and magic often go under appreciated in your time, but you are a guiding light to this blogger.  I may not always understand you, but I will never forget you.

Weirdos roll call!

Gonzo the Great
Hunter S. Thompson
Karl the Marx
Maxine Hong Kingston
Werner Herzog
John Muir (and Teddy Roosevelt)

Love you guys!

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can this be a thing?

Instead of saying “take it easy,” can we start saying “take it cheesy”?  Of course we’ll have to say it really fast so the other person still thinks we’re saying “take it easy.”  It will be a test of the other person’s listening ability, to see if they’re paying attention.

Let’s all try it!

friday robots

Here’s your Friday Robots for this week!friday-robots-9-24-10

Wait, that doesn’t look much like a robot.  It looks more architectural.  To distract you, here’s a sketch of Richard Nixon I made while doing research for this episode of Falling Rock:nixon-sketchHappy Friday everybody!

the drought

Two years ago I wrote this post about my choice of deodorant.  I had not used anti-perspirant for years; in fact, I’d stopped cold turkey when my “science” “teacher” told me that the aluminum in anti-perspirants contributed to Alzheimer’s disease later in life.  This theory (if rumor and innuendo can be called a theory) has since been debunked.  And yet, I clung to my Old Spice deodorant like a sailor to a sinking galleon.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Old Spice.  I love the Old Spice Guy, and without millions of dudes just like me buying their product, Old Spice wouldn’t have been able to afford the salary of that Old Spice Guy.  So, really, I contributed to a classic television advertisement.

My anti-perspirant drought ended a few weeks ago on a trip to my local druggist.  Kiel’s sells an anti-perspirant that claims it is superbly efficient.  Not one to be a barnacle on the ship of history (to continue the nautical metaphors), I decided to try it out.

It’s great.  I love it.  Keeps me un-sweaty after a long bike ride to work, which I’m sure my co-workers appreciate.  And it sings me lullabies at night to ensure I get a restful and sweet-smelling sleep.

The answer really is blowin’ in the wind.  And if you happen to be standing downwind from me, the answer is a combination of witch hazel, propylene glycol, and aluminum clorohydrate.

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