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friday robots in the sand

This week, Friday Robots are on a hill and in the sky.  When I drew the circular robots, I thought of them as comets and planets, so of course I put them on the ground.  What was left but to put square, earthbound robots up in the air?  What can I say, I’m making this up as I go.friday-robots-7-30-10


fan art!

I have a standing invitation to cartoonists and non-cartoonists alike: if you submit a drawing of any of the inhabitants of Falling Rock National Park, I will post it right here.  The last cartoonist to grace these pages was none other than Patrick McDonnell.  He drew a very flattering likeness of Carver.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find the following drawing of Carver and Ernesto by New Mexican cartoonist Stephen McCranie.  It looks to me like Carver is contemplating an O.K. Corral-style shootout, while Ernesto is happily baffled.  Par for the course at Falling Rock.fallingrockfanart

Thanks Stephen!  And make sure to read his comic strip, Mal and Chad, which he is currently adapting into a graphic novel.  Movies, plush toys, and complete world domination are certain to follow.

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comic con 2010 in photos

How you know you found California:

Your hotel elevator has a mysterious button labeled “Seismic.”

How you know you found Comic Con:
Stormtroopers outnumber civilians by a 5:1 ratio.
Comic Con 2010 was, the second time around, just as dizzying and exciting as ever.

This time, I brought some friends to enjoy the trip.  

As I was the grizzled veteran, I gave handy tips which were summarily dismissed by the ladies.  The last I saw of our female companions, they were headed toward Hall H (the largest of the conference rooms) to see American royalty (movie stars, not cartoonists).  That left me and my partner blogger Nate McGraw alone to fend for ourselves in the pop culture jungle.

The real Gostmobile
Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman, with boobs
Bedazzled Stormtrooper

Comic Con is all about neat toys.  But it is also about people dressed like neat toys. 
(Among other things.)

I had many more celebrity sightings this year than last, because I am a star magnet.  Also, I stayed for all four days instead of two.
This first doesn’t really count, as I “spotted” Berkeley Breathed in the panel called Spotlight on Berkeley Breathed.  For years I had a totally incorrect conception of what the man looked like.  When I was a kid, I had a Bloom County collection in which the author photograph was of a Hell’s Angel on his Harley.  Had I been a discerning adult, I would have immediately gotten the joke.  As it was, for years I went around thinking this cartoonist looked like something out of a Hunter S. Thompson book.
This is what Berkeley Breathed really looks like, from about 50 rows back:

On my final day, I happened upon an unusual book signing: Frank “Dark Knight Returns” Miller and Dave Gibbons.  I centered this photo on Frank, but upon seeing it later I realized that dude on his left totally drew Watchmen.  Comic Con!

Nate and I chose to pose in front of our respective alter-egos.  Nate’s Iron Man to my Snoopy.

San Diego, as usual, brought perfect weather.  Not that it mattered much to those of us choosing to spend glorious summer days inside a crowded convention center.  Still, we got outside for meals.  Not pictured here: the bus on which David Hasselhoff was dancing and singing “Hooked on a Feeling.”  No joke.  Our waitress had bought a disposable camera just for this weekend, and asked us to snap a picture if he got close enough.

Before I go, I have an important announcement.  This blog is proud to be the first to publicly “out” The Man of Steel himself:

That’s it for now.  Tune in tomorrow, dear readers, for the text-heavy version, including my scintillating narrative about how I borrowed someone’s grocery store card to get 50 cents off my tube of toothpaste.
An essential Comic Con experience: being last in line for something and having to hold this sign.
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comic con 2010: watterson’s spirit

A full rundown of Comic Con 2010 will appear at this here blog within the next day or so.  To tide you over until then, I present a series of sketches Bill Watterson sent to Berkeley Breathed – they were cartoonist pen pals back in the heady 1980’s.

Berkeley gave a funny and subversive talk, attended by hundreds of nerds, geeks and dweebs of all stripes.  Since Comic Con is home to Exclusive Limited Editions in all media, where better to show off a bunch of Watterson sketches received by snail mail in the 80’s?

This is probably the closest ol’ Bill will ever get to Comic Con.comic-con-watterson6 comic-con-watterson5 comic-con-watterson4 comic-con-watterson3 comic-con-watterson2 comic-con-watterson1
This last sketch, of a buck naked Ronald Reagan, was Bill’s response to a story told by Berkeley in which Berkeley received a phone call from the President as he emerged from the shower.  Reagan had seen a picture of his wife, Nancy, in a Bloom County Sunday strip, and wanted to thank Berkeley.  Too stunned to think of anything better to say, Berkeley replied “Mr. President, I think you should know I’m not wearing any pants right now.”  The President must have found this charming, because he invited the cartoonist to a State Dinner.  (That time, Berkeley wore pants.)

More fun cartoonist stories to come!

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friday robots: comic con edition

I’m at San Diego Comic Con right now.
Enjoy these robots, inspired by last year’s Comic Con, and have a happy Friday!friday-robots-7-23-10 friday-robots-7-23-10-2
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see you in san diego

This will be a quiet week around Falling Rock National Park, as I am busy preparing for San Diego Comic Con!  I have to make copies of comics so I have something to give Denzel Washington in the totally likely event I’ll bump into him.  If not Denzel, I’m sure there will be just a few comic publishers there.  Who knows, maybe they will be interested in my comic book.  That’s part of the magic of Comic Con.

Have a great week everybody.  Friday Robots will appear as scheduled!  Have no fear that you’ll have to face the weekend sans robots.

And if you happen to be in San Diego, drop me a line!  I’ll be the red-head kid wandering around with a look of limitless optimism in his eyes.peanuts-beautiful-kid

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friday robots: from the sketchbook

Two unvarnished pages of Friday Robots to take you into the weekend.friday-robots-7-16-10 friday-robots-7-16-10-2

Hey, next week is San Diego Comic Con!  Hope to see you there!


palm trees

I’ve been drawing a lot of palm trees lately.  This is a series of them I drew.  The last one, I think, is either about to explode or just had a really great idea. palm-trees-series

And of course no drawing session would be complete without turning palm trees into hot air balloons.  This would be my preferred method of travel, if it existed.palm-tree-balloon


Harvey Pekar, 1939-2010

He was, among other things, proof that Ohio breeds great cartoonists.
We’ll miss ya, Harvey.who-is-harvey-pekar

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die, comic sans, die

Even with the word ‘comic’ in its name, I can’t think of a font cartoonists avoid more than Comic Sans.

Faithful readers of this here blog know you can count on three things: Robots on Friday, YOUR SOURCE for Alan Rickman news and information, and a pure fire hatred for the Comic Sans font.

Did you know that, according to a survey of Alan Rickman, the worst font ever created was Comic Sans?  It’s true!

Comic Sans is the monster that won’t die.  It comes to us in our dreams and tries to strangle us with our own intestines.  It lurks in old abandoned summer camps and hacks teenagers to death with a machete.  It jeers at us, mocks our feeble attempts at “civilization” and “profound thought.”

In this photo taken from an art exhibit, even Thoreau is not safe from the creeping tentacles of Comic Sans:thoreau-comic-sans

Over at McSweeney’s, Comic Sans lays down what amounts to a shot across the bow.  No other font can stand up to the towering menace that is Comic Sans.

Most recently, Comic Sans crept into the last place any of us would have expected: a fuming letter written by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to departing star/traitor to democracy LeBron James.  Gilbert’s letter was rightfully ridiculed not for its content, but for his choice of fonts: Comic Sans.

Like a venereal disease, Comic Sans cannot be vanquished in one fell swoop, but must be consistently and methodically scrubbed from every computer that is infected.  Together, we must raise awareness about his horrific and disfigured font, and ultimately end its use.  For the United States – nay, for the world – Comic Sans must be defeated.