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falling rock closes the book on year 4

Today is the end of the fourth year of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.  It’s been a great year!  Carver, Ernesto, Pam, Melissa, and Park Ranger Dee will return in August will all new adventures.

Fear not, subscribers.  I will be posting on this blog all summer long.  Friday Robots, witty tangents, subtle digs at Michael Bay, and loving tributes to whatever cereal I’m eating at the time will continue unabated.

Just because Falling Rock is on hiatus for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that sweet, sun-blasted goodness.  Just pick up one of my books!  Either online or at Powells City of Books.  I know you’ll like

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friday robots in space, again

On a starship somewhere outside the Oort Cloud, a crew of highly skilled, amiable robots go about their daily chores.  Will they reach their destination?  Not likely.  They’re just chillin’.

If they see Voyager, they’ll say hello.friday-robots-5-14-10

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