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has the large hadron converter destroyed the earth yet?

Find out anytime!

sketchbook frogs

As Richard Thompson says, words fail me and drawing’s too hard.  I’ve been drawing the final Falling Rock comic strips for this school year, and what follows is a page from my sketchbook.  I needed to learn how to draw a frog for one strip.  Oh, and there’s Carver in the corner because I like drawing things I already know how to draw.sketchbook-frogs

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more sketchbook animals!

These animals will appear in an upcoming Falling Rock episode involving Carver, Ernesto, and waiting in lines.
Who says comics aren’t as thrilling as the latest summer blockbuster?sketchbook-animals3 sketchbook-animals2 sketchbook-animals

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friday robots

This is what bugs would look like if Frank Lloyd Wright drew them.friday-robots-5-7-10-2


I was beginning to worry that our tree wasn’t going to bloom this year.  After all, the neighbor’s tree had been in full bloom for over a week.  Did that make our tree feel inferior?bloomtown3 Apparently not.  Our tree was simply biding its time.  In the past three days the familiar flowers have unfurled from their conelike cocoons.bloomtownbloomtown2

When I sit in the living room I can hear bumble bees tink against the window.  And the best part of the summer has begun.

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