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come see

come-see-falling-rock-mountain-watercolor-with-text2This poster for Falling Rock was inspired by WPA posters for various national parks. They either had the words “COME SEE” or “SEE AMERICA” printed on them, a beckoning for Americans to visit their beautiful natural wonders.

Unfortunately you can’t physically visit Falling Rock National Park, but you can always see new dispatches from that park at my website. Falling Rock exists in the minds of all its readers, so let’s make it grow, huh?

Oh, and why doesn’t Obama bring back the Works Progress Administration? We need to realize there’s nothing wrong with paying artists to make art.

medieval penitential sex flowchart

I tend to keep papers. Receipts, movie stubs, photos and illustrations from magazines, and of course funny things I’ve photocopied from books. Which makes sense: if you’re going to keep things, why not keep lightweight and information-packed things? At least, that’s what I say to myself when I look at my files full of random bits of paper. Someday they’ll all come in useful.

Today, one of those scraps of paper has indeed made itself useful. It is a penitential flowchart on when you can and, more importantly, when you can’t have sex with your partner.penitentials-guide-to-sex

I couldn’t remember exactly where I got this; fortunately the internet exists to answer exactly these type of questions. First of all, penitents are lists of sins and the penances prescribed for them. Penitents were used in Medieval times first in Ireland, where sin is everywhere, then spread to England because they’re a bunch of sinners as well. In this particular case, the flowchart doesn’t list the specific penance, but it would have been either prayer or cash payment to the Church. Or both!

As a Jew I find this chart silly and hilarious, but back in the day Christians hung this in their homes, right above the bed. Which just goes to show, one man’s religion is another man’s laugh riot.*

*Don’t even get me started on the weird things about Judaism. See: any Woody Allen movie.

friday robots: che robots

friday-robots-3-12-10 This week’s Friday Robots were partly inspired by this (unused) cover art for the Steven Soderbergh film CHE:CHE_compF
NEXT WEEK: Friday Robots teach you that nationalized health care is good for you, good for doctors, yet bad for huge conglomerates.

time out, chicago

Holy smokes!
Time Out Chicago went to Quimby’s Bookstore to talk about zines for the first annual Chicago Zine Fest, and Welcome to Falling Rock National Park got a prominent mention!

Thanks go to Quimby’s employee and fellow Stumptown alum Neil Brideau for foisting my comic into the picture. I also have to thank my Chicago Street Team for keeping Falling Rock in stock at that venerable comic shop.

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you probably think this post is about you

For years people have been asking Carly Simon who the song ‘You’re So Vain’ is about. Since she slept with Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger, she has – by extension – slept with 3/4 the population of the world. The song could almost literally be about all of us.

Carly has played coy since 1973; there is no reason to suspect she’s about to spill the beans anytime soon. So, my dear readers, I’m going to spill the beans for her. The song is a composite of men, as she’s long hinted it was. Who those men are will definitely surprise you. galactus-lores

1) Galactus. This destroyer of worlds was created by Jack ‘King’ Kirby in 1966 and has been causing trouble for superheroes ever since. He took some time off blowing up galaxies to sleep with Carly Simon in 1967-1968.skeletor

2) Skeletor. Though most of us know Skeletor as the rival to He-Man in the 1980’s, Skeletor was a freshman State Senator in New York in the early Sixties. He and Carly Simon smoked a little weed late one night and the rest is history. 348190444_a6910b821f_o

3) Alan Rickman. The Dark Avenger. Dashing, British, and sometimes quite evil, Alan Rickman has been burning up the silver screen for many years. Before that, he burned up the bedsheets with Carly Simon in 1969.jaba_the_hut_needlefelted

4) Jabba the Hut. Seen here with his favorite fuzzy bunny. Jabba the Hut loves to party, and coincidentally so does Carly Simon. When his stretch limo pulled up to a young singer/songwriter hawking tunes for change, Carly jumped at the chance to play for a “private party” back at Hut Manor.living_brain

5) The Living Brain. Who wouldn’t fall for this guy?

I certainly hope you have been properly educated as to the men behind the hit song ‘You’re So Vain.’ These men are all vain, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love ’em.