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helicopters make music & comics OK, too

Sometime after Helicopters Make It OK, I began thinking on the true power of helicopters across all media. The thin rotating blades have held the movie business aloft for years, but what about other commercial art forms?

It turns out that the same theory can be applied to music. Check out Guided By Voices and their song Everywhere With Helicopter:

Indeed, even I used a helicopter in the grand finale of my college comic strip Atticus and Glen. I knew intuitively that to cap off three years of drawing, I needed the woosh and whirr of modern technology.

Helicopters do make it OK, no matter what you’re selling.

rashida, i’m sorry

Here is Rashida Jones, making Anne Hathaway look like a bridge troll by comparison.rashida-anneI’ve made no secret that this blog’s raison d’ĂȘtre is to propel Rashida Jones into my strong, comforting arms. Mega-stars such as Jones do not associate with unknown bloggers. They may, however, associate with famous bloggers. That’s what I’m counting on.

That’s why I took it especially hard when I was not selected for the Top Ten cartoonists in Amazon’s Comic Strip Superstar contest. I thought for sure it was my ticket to stardom. Heck, it’s right there in the name of the contest. Obviously, if I had made it to the Top Ten, then won the Grand Prize, there would be nothing stopping me from meeting my destiny.

Now, however, out of the contest and out of luck, I must find another way to become hugely famous. Rashida, if I should fall behind, will you wait for me?rashida-jones1

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a little late for halloween, but

I just finished a story about Ernesto and Carver meeting three witches. Carver wants the witches to tell Ernesto’s future.

I’m thinking mid-December will be a good time to run these comics. You know, just in time for the holidays. Oh boy I can’t wait!

Here’s a teaser to tide you over until then.grisly-horrific-death

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friday robots

Micron robots, Prismacolor background. Art geek chic.friday-robots-11-6-9 friday-robots-11-6-9-2

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when the blogger becomes the blogged

My little piece of fan art can be found over at Richard Thompson’s blog Cul de Sac right now!

Richard, as longtime readers will be aware, draws the hilarious and provocative comic strip Cul de Sac, seen daily in newspapers across the globe and in easily digestible book form. Do yourself a favor if you don’t already follow the hijinks of the Otterloop clan, check it out absolutely free online. Seriously, I wouldn’t create a timeless piece of fan art if the strip wasn’t pure gold.

Long live the newspaper comic strip.