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Robert Zemeckis, I still hate you

Evidently you’ve ignored my last post on this subject.

First you pooped all over The Polar Express. Then you remade Beowulf into something lifeless and vile. Now you’re going to take down Charles Dickens? Seriously, who was sitting around thinking, “A Christmas Carol has been made into a movie about a half dozen times. What the world needs is one more version, but with a computer simulacra of Jim Carrey playing all the characters.” Apparently that person was you, Robert Zemeckis.

In the preview I saw while waiting patiently for The Invention of Lying to begin (a movie that succeeds despite being chock full of real people), you and Jim Carrey posit that this version of A Christmas Carol is likely to be the most faithful to the book. Really, Robert Zemeckis? I don’t remember reading that part in the prologue when Dickens writes, “…and for this to be made into a movie we will need to wait for machines to reproduce the work of human beings, albeit not in a better way, but in a way that makes the viewer feel slightly uneasy for the duration of the story.”

I always thought Dickens wrote about how machines made life worse for people. You know, the whole Industrial Revolution thing and all.

You’re going to continue doing your thing, Robert Zemeckis. I can see that now. There will be no more good movies coming from you. I’ll have to make my peace with that. But do me one favor: when you remake Seven Samurai, please don’t use Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

friday robots: robots in distress

I used dry brush and flicking paint to make some new patterns in Photoshop, hence the distressed look of these robots.friday-robots-10-9-9 friday-robots-10-9-9-2

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pirates! invade The Family Monster

Here’s another storyline from my old strip, The Family Monster. I’m having fun looking through these. Sometimes they even surprise me by being good. Take this story, where pirates crash in the desert and need Dee, Monster, Dirch and Eggman to help them get going again.

If you look closely, you can see my old web address. And look! It still exists!
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comic strip superstar: the semi-finals

Today I received word that I am one of the 50 Semi-Finalists in Amazon & Universal Press Syndicate‘s Comic Strip Superstar contest. It truly is an honor to be in the running.

I can’t yet reveal the name of my strip, but I can tell you that it is not Falling Rock. I created a whole new strip for the contest. I wrote new words, I drew new drawings, and I even made a little offering to the Comic Strip Gods.

Now my work will be read by four titans of the comic industry:
-Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury.
-Mark Tatulli, creator of Lio and Heart of the City.
-Lynn Johnston, the grande dame of the comic community, creator of For Better or For Worse.
-Scott Hilburn, creator of the single-panel comic The Argyle Sweater.

On October 28 the ten finalists will be announced on Amazon. Readers will vote for their favorite, which will determine the winner. If I’m selected, you can bet you’ll hear from me. Look forward to a lot of begging and cajoling on this blog if I am one of the lucky ten.


Longtime readers of this blog know of my fondness for Richard Thompson’s comic strip Cul de Sac.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to read a comic strip that is visually innovative, wittily written, and plain old funny, look no further. Hey, and he’s got a new book out!
But the point of this post is not just a shameless plug. One of the individual strips contained within caught my eye:
I was more than a little excited to find an echo of Falling Rock National Park mentioned in this strip. Tottering Rock may only be a State Park, and the rock itself may not yet be falling, but I was giddy nonetheless. And the character mentioning the park is named Ernesto! Such an avalanche of happy coincidence.