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Should Carver have a catchphrase?

carver-asteriskBart Simpson, Ren & Stimpy, Bugs Bunny: great cartoon characters have great catchphrases. Which is why, when I look at my work on Falling Rock, I see a huge missing piece in the story of Carver the owl. He’s got no catchphrase.

Carver has plenty to say on just about any topic. He’s had his share of one-liners, zingers, gotchas, and bogeys. One thing he doesn’t have is a line to which he can repeatedly return, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, that will automatically deliver the laffs.

Should Carver’s catchphrase be witty? Sarcastic? Adorable? Maddening? All it really needs to be is short enough to fit on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, boxer briefs, gallon jars of mayonnaise, and of course frilly placemats.

During this summer hiatus of Falling Rock, I’ll be considering what Carver’s catchphrase should be. You, dear readers, can help! Just comment below and we’ll see if Carver can return in the fall with a hilarious catchphrase that will rocket the owl into the national spotlight. Or merely become more annoying with each passing utterance. Either way.

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Dee’s new wardrobe

dee-jaunty-outfitBooks I never thought existed do, in fact, exist. Thanks to the library, I picked up two books on the history of the National Park Service. One of them is dedicated entirely to women’s ranger uniforms.

Dee’s current uniform is based on an older style of ranger outfit, although I’ve given her pants instead of the skirts women rangers had to wear through most of the last century. Can you imagine enduring a snow-covered trail in Rocky Mountain National Park or the blazing heat of Saguaro National Monument in a skirt? I’m glad I can’t.

The drawing above is based on a 1970’s uniform which I quite like. Maybe I’ll give Dee a few changes of clothing this year, just to change things up a bit.

the girliest man

From a book of medieval costume designs:still-a-dude

I couldn’t help but notice that this was, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, still a man.

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Friday Robots

A robot triptych for you to enjoy this fine Friday. The third robot is dedicated to my brother, who got in a car crash in Roswell, New Mexico. He is fine, but his car has gone the way of the crashed UFO. Disappeared without a trace.friday-robots-8-7-9

Can I tell you how proud I am of spelling “triptych” correctly the first time without assistance? All those years working in the Art Library were not wasted.

Biff Elliot online

My uncle Biff is now a part of the internet! His official page has just gone online.

Click here right now!

You can see photos, a biography, and the trailer for the movie I, the Jury. More to come.

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hot as sunglasses

The Buddhists say you’re not supposed to get all attached to this physical world of suffering. But I refute this. Have they seen my sunglasses?josh shalek sunglassesI’ve had these Oakley sunglasses since high school. They were a gift from my parents. Unlike Charles Kane, who lost his childhood sled Rosebud and forever mourned it, I have managed to keep my sunglasses and still use them. Basically what I’m saying is, my sunglasses have kept my mental health stable all these years.

I’m convinced these glasses were made especially for a redhead. When I was in the sunglasses store looking for sunglasses, the sunglasses salesclerk said, “We always like to have people try these on because they look so weird on everybody.” When I put them on, the salesclerk gasped. “They look…good on you,” she said.

They are perfect when I ride my bike. Since they’re so large on my face (kind of like goggles, really), they serve a dual purpose of shading the sun and keeping bugs from flying directly into my eyes. (Have you ever seen a cyclist freak out over apparently nothing? A bug has flown into either his eyes or his mouth. It isn’t fun.)

I’ve been on many bonding trips with these glasses. Perhaps the day we grew closest was when I slipped on an icy trail outside Boulder on New Year’s Day. They did get scratched up a bit, but they fared much better than my wrist, which was sprained.

Yes, styles have changed. Sunglasses technology has come a long way since I purchased these. Call me old fashioned, call me stuck in the 90’s. But I can’t think of a better pair of sunglasses. My eyes are forever in their debt.

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fancy men

From the sketchbook:hack-fancy-man
The dude on the left may be small and fancy, but he’s still got a gun. So look out.

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selmer kittelson

selmer-and-pat 1924-2009selmer-pat-johnPictured: top, with his wife, Pat and below with Pat and son John. (Don’t ask about the ice pack.)
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friday robots: welcome back to falling rock edition

Desert robots this week. Unfortunately they are about to be devoured by a rock monster, but hey, that’s the circle of life. Desert robots become dessert robots.friday-robots-8-14-9Monday August 17th marks the beginning of new Falling Rock comics for the year! Be sure to check for the daily comic.

I’m excited to be drawing Falling Rock again after the summer break. Fear not, dear readers, this blog will still be updated regularly.

Be safe!smokey


I am officially going to be at the Alternative Press Expo this year!
Meet me in San Francisco, October 17-18.
More details to come as the event nears.