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jurassic plankton

You heard it here first: Jurassic Park may still be possible.

We all know that, unfortunately, extracting dinosaur DNA from amber for cloning purposes doesn’t work. But what about smaller prehistoric organisms?

According to this story, scientists in France discovered ancient sea life preserved in tree sap for 100 million years. The life includes…wait for it…PLANKTON! That’s right, dear readers, if all goes according to the plan I’m making right now as I type this, there could be a Jurassic Park chock full of ancient sea-dwelling creatures. Plankton would of course be the big ticket item, but I can imagine a host of other barely visible organisms in their own special enclosures. We could even include those night vision binocular goggles from the movie so you could see these living relics.

I’m going to need a bit of money for the start-up. Tropical islands don’t come cheap, you know. But after that, I’m going to be printing money with this attraction. Come one, come all.

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