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I often wish humans had descended from fish instead of apes. A lot of the worlds’ pollution would be eliminated if we could just dig canals and swim to work or school instead of paving roads for cars. We wouldn’t have to get haircuts, because fish don’t have hair. We wouldn’t have to build aircraft to fly over the ocean; we could visit our island friends anytime we wanted on our own power. The only real downside I can see is that we wouldn’t be able to eat tuna fish sandwiches.

As it is, the feature that brings us closest to fish is the webbing between our fingers and toes. I don’t know of a plastic surgeon who can increase the size of that webbing, but I bet it would be a useful procedure. Think of how easy it would be to scoop water with your hands if you had extra webbing.

Below is a sketch for the fish-man. His super powers are gills and the ability to eat krill like a whale. Also, he has the strength of at least ten fish (depending on the type of fish).

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Friday Robots

A different kind of collage robot for you today. The building at the bottom right is the Timberline Lodge, famous for being used as the Overlook Hotel in the movie version of The Shining (Stanley Kubrick’s version, not that awful TV miniseries). I also fit in a picture taken from the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which is the place Stephen King got the idea to write The Shining.
Knowing all that makes this a lot creepier, doesn’t it? Happy October!

C’mere, you

I’d give you a big ol’ hug if the whole internet wasn’t between us.

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Most like to…

Writer I’d most like to go for a run with: Haruki Murakami

Singer/songwriter I’d most like to buy a beer for: Dan Reeder

what’s in the water?

New Jersey. There’s got to be more to it than being a commuter state to New York City. How else can you explain this level of talent erupting from its loins?

Patrick McDonnell, cartoonist extraordinare. Creator of the transcendental comic strip Mutts. On the Board of Directors of the Humane Society. Writer of several children’s books (unlike many celebrities who write kids’ books, McDonnell’s do not suck). Unconfirmed reincarnation of the Japanese poet Basho Matsuo.patrick_mcdonnell

Bruce Springsteen. Player of rock music. All-time classic albums: Born to Run, Nebraska, The Rising. Best member of the E Street Band, by a longshot. Has written no children’s books that I know of, but if he did you can bet every kid in town would be itching to get on the open road and ride, ride, ride. Direct descendant of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan (though not by blood).brucespringsteenbandana
What is it about the Garden State that creates huge mega-stars? They’ve got talent and ambition, and nobody’s gonna stand in their way. Maybe it’s growing up near (but not in) one of the biggest cities in the world. Maybe Jersey girls (as sung by Tom Waits) inspire these guys to go that extra mile. Maybe there really is something in the water.