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Free Ice Cream Day

The weather for Portland is: High of 52, currently raining.

This did not stop me and my friend Jody from going to the nearest Ben & Jerry’s to get our FREE ICE CREAM. That’s right, friends. Today is free scoop day at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops.

Why are you sitting at your computer? Go, go now.

Carter Strikes Again

Ah, The Onion.

“Carter is one of the worst enemies the forces of destruction have known since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his non-violent rampages of the ’50s and ’60s,” Simmons said. “Even today, in his capacity as an ex-president, [Carter] continues his pursuit of non-aggression. He must be stopped now, before another terrible war is avoided and more lives are saved.”


On behalf of the Bush administration, Vice-President Dick Cheney expressed regret over Carter’s alleged crimes.

“We are all aware of the missteps that occurred during the placid days of the Carter administration,” Cheney said. “It was simply a matter of bringing the justice to light. Thankfully, the process has begun, and this chapter in our nation’s history is finally being brought to a close.”carterobama08