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Alternate Names for the Boogeyman

Courtesy the book Giants, Monsters, and Dragons by Carol Rose, p. 271:
“Agrippa, Auld Scratty, Black Annis, Black Sow, Bodach, Booger Man, Bogyman, Bogie, Bombomachides, Boo-bagger, Brandamour, Brobinyak, Bucca Dhu, Bug, Bug-a-Boo, Bugbear, Cankobobus, Child Guzzler, Cutty Dyer, Father Flog and Madam Flog, Hobyah, Jack up the Orchut, Jenny of Biggersdale, Lammikin, Morgan, Mumpoker, Old Bloody Bones, Owner-of-a-Bag, Raw Head and Bloody Bones, Red-legged Scissor-man, Sandman, the Spoorn, Tanterabogus, Tod Lowrey, Tom Dockin, Tom Poker, Woglog.”

While most permutations of the Boogeyman feast only on children, I’m sure a hard-pressed Boogeyman would delight in eating almost anyone. Beware the creaking door! Beware the figure in shadows at your bus stop! Beware the Father of Oregon!

This public service announcement brought to you by The Falling Rock Committee For Protection Against Boogeymen.

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Friday Robot: Behind the Scenes

A particularly ugly Friday Robot lets me know about it.friday-robot-apologize

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