10 years

I’ve often thought that Linda McCartney had a good impact on Paul. They were a team; it is an image I have of what marriage ought to be. I read an interview of the two of them from the early 80’s. At one point Paul leaves the room. Linda then talks about Paul’s relationship with John in much more detail than I’ve heard Paul himself say. It wasn’t anything revelatory, but it felt so real.
lynda mccartney1
Linda died in Tucson, the same year I was a senior in high school. I remember seeing on TV the news trucks parked outside the McCartney home for days. That was the news: the news trucks sitting there on the side of the road. I wished they would have left the family alone.

Today Paul writes about Linda on the tenth anniversary of her death. She was a great lady. She is missed.linda mccartney

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